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    World alzheimer’s day 21st September Since 2012, September is celebrated every year as World Alzheimer’s Month and 21st September as World Alzheimer’s Day. The purpose is to spread awareness and kill the stigma related to dementia. Forgetfulness in old age is mostly due to dementia and Alzheimer is the most common type of dementia. One in every 10 people over age of 65 years is affected by dementia. And prevalence of this disease increases as the age increases. Today dementia is the leading cause of morbidity and dependency among elderly population. Person affected is usually not able to care for themselves and needs help in every daily routine activity. Alzheimer’s disease is syndrome which affects memory, behavior, emotions and thinking. Identifying and seeking help on time is important. Following are the Warning signs which can help in early identification of dementia 1. Memory loss (not able to remember name of relatives or recent events) 2. Difficulty in performing previously routine tasks (difficulty buttoning shirt or wearing T-shirt inside out) 3. Difficulty in finding right words while speaking or understanding what others are saying 4. Disorientation to time and place 5. Changes in mood or behavior (frequent irritability and anger outburst) 6. Misplacing things and then spending lot of time searching them 7. Withdrawal from work and social activity 8. Trouble with remembering roads back home 9. Problem keeping track of things Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disorders. Support and Medicines can help to reduce the progress. Awareness and understanding is important to challenge myths and misconception related to Alzheimer’s disease. For more queries or question post them on our website www.psychiatristnagpur.com #dementia #geriatricpsychiatry #forgetfulness
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