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    Does your child get very angry? Does your child throw things here and there? Does your child hits or beats other children? Does your child always disobey you? One of the most common worry of today’s parents is their child who is always irritable, demanding, angry, on the edge, unhappy and bursting into temper tantrum (shouting and throwing things here and there). Easy irritability is usually seen in preschool children as well as adolescent (11 to 19 years of age). Parents or teachers should take help whenever anger or irritability in child is excessive and more as compared to other children of same age group. These children have frequent mood swings (mood dysregulation). Seeking help at proper time can avoid behavior problems in child in future. Irritability plays a major role in expression of mental health problems. Irritability or anger is common and non-specific complaint for various psychiatric disorders in children. Other common associated complaints are not following parents and teachers, stubborn behavior, predominant irritable mood, difficulty maintaining friends or relationships, anger outburst and threatening behavior. Irritability is the most common reason for mental health evaluation of children. Irritability can be due to depression (irritability or sadness of mood, reduce interest), Anxiety disorder (always worried about small things), ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and ADHD (Difficulty in attention and Hyperactivity). Taking help of psychiatrist or mental health professional proves to be helpful in finding any cause for irritability and helping the child with therapy if he is suffering from any psychological problem. #Child Guidance Clinic #Child Psychiatry #child psycology For any more question or information, post your queies & visit us at http://psychiatristnagpur.com
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