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    Does your child find problems in copying things from blackboard at school? Does your child write slowly or leave work incomplete? Does your child make multiple spelling mistakes? All these complaints can be due to DYSGRAPHIA. DYSGRAPHIA is a neurological disorder in which the child has difficulty in expressing himself or herself in writing. What happens to a child having DYSGRAPHIA? The child finds it difficult to remember words seen on board (memory problem) and to organize alphabets into words. Because of this, he makes multiple spelling mistakes. When teacher or parents read the script they find it difficult to understand what he has written. Handwriting is often messy and difficult to read. The child finds it difficult to recognize alphabets and to write along a line, within the margin. The child has difficulty in holding the pencil and needs to put a lot of efforts while writing. The child may tell correct spelling when asked orally but makes mistakes while writing. He may mix capital letter and small letters in a sentence or in a single word. The complaints of the child may vary in different age groups. Teacher or parents often complain that child is lazy in studies. But if the child has dysgraphia he is going through a lot of trouble and certainly he is not committing the mistakes intentionally. This disorder affects children in schools in form of difficulty completing work, lagging behind peers, difficulty understanding concepts and low scores and grades. The child is also affected socially in form of low self-confidence and staying aloof. DYSGRAPHIA is also called as Specific learning disorder. This disorder can be diagnosed through psychological tests and these children can be helped with appropriate and timely interventions. So why let the child Suffer if he is having such a problem?? #Child guidance clinic #Child Psychiatry #Child Psychology For Queries and more Information send us Questions or visit our website www.psychiatristnagpur.com
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