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    26 June - International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. United Nation observes 26 June as International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking since 1988. It was started with intention to dismantle opium trade all over world and to strengthen and make a drug free society. Which can provide a safe and healthy environment for our present and future generations. Today illicit drug use is spreading like a wild fire. These drugs are available from small villages to metro cities in India. Today, more teenagers are becoming victim of these drug use. Many because of peer pressure (to be part of group and maintaining friends) and many because of tendency to do adventures. Depressive episode is also one reason for increase drug use. All these drugs affects reward pathway of brain and gives pleasure but subsequently our body gets dependent on these drugs otherwise consumer goes through very unpleasant physical and mental state which we call withdrawal. Basically these are of two types, few stimulates and give excitement, others makes consumer drowsy or sleepy. Few are obtained from plants like (cannabis, weed, opioids) and few are manufactured in laboratories (M.D., Mephedrone). All these affects our body and mind in harmful way. It affects ability to concentrate, affects our sleep, disturbs our daily living, relationships and ability to function. in few who take IV drugs are susceptible to infections like HIV and Hepatitis. In chronic smokers it can cause breathing problems and affects lungs. In few cases, consumer may become fearfulness and become suspicious and violent towards others. All these problems have solutions, various medications are now available which reduces the desire for these substances. Only thing is that we need to talk and seek help.
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